What do we do?

First and foremost our business is to elaborate the "Regionalplan". It is the framework for the spatial development within the the region. The Regionalplan determines e.g. the outlines of land use for settlement and infrastructural purposes, the "use" of the open space (conservation, "green corridors", agriculture and forestry, local recreation etc.), climate or flood prevention areas.

The Regionalplan is a map (pdf) on the scale of 1:50.000 with a companion volume. The current Regionalplan is adopted in 2003 and has to be updated entirely every 10 to 15 years. For the execution of the plan we cooperate intensely with the municipalities in our region according to the local planning autonomy.

The second obligatory duty is the creation and the periodic updates of the "Landschaftsrahmenplan" (Landscape Structure Plan), which deals with issues related to nature conservation and protection of the "green corridors" between the settlements. The "Landschaftsrahmenplan" is the master plan for the local districts in their landscape planning.

We are also engaged in issues of regional development, management and marketing, especially in regional cooperations like the TechnologyRegion Karlsruhe. Due to our proximity to France and Switzerland the cross-border cooperation in the "EURODISTRICT PAMINA" and the "Trinational Metropolitan Region Upper Rhine" is also an important part of our work.

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