Who are we?

The Regional Planning Association Middle Upper Rhine was established as a corporate body on the 1st of January 1973. This is one of twelve in the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg, which base upon the "Landesplanungsgesetz” (State Planning Act). The Planning Association comprises the four administrative districts, "Landkreis Karlsruhe" and "Landkreis Rastatt", as well as "Stadtkreis Karlsruhe" and "Stadtkreis Baden- Baden".

The Regional Planning Association Middle Upper Rhine is structured in two main parts. One is the elected board (Verbandsversammlung), which counts at the moment 80 representatives of different parties. The other component is the administration (Verbandsverwaltung) with a dozen experts in the field of spatial planning, cartography and regional management.

The Chairman of the Planning Association is Dr. Christoph Schnaudigel. The Executive Manager for the Administration is Dr. Matthias Proske and the Deputy Manager Tamara Schnurr.

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