Karlsruhe Region: cradle of mobility solutions

Karlsruhe Region is situated between the Middle Upper Rhine and the northern Black Forest within a surface of 2.137 Squarekilometers. It is home to a million people and a culture of mobility. The inventor of the bicycle, Karl von Drais, was born here, as well as the automobile pioneer Carl Friedrich Benz. The Karlsruhe local transport solution was modelled worldwide. Karlsruhe Region is also an innovation spot for mobility such as urban air mobility.

As a new member of POLIS we are happy to host this years annual conference in Karlsruhe.

City of Karlsruhe (P. Sandbiller)
City of Karlsruhe (P. Sandbiller)

Karlsruhe Region - nice to meet you

Located at the intersection of two European transport corridors, the Karlsruhe region faces opportunities and challenges in the field of transport in all its facets. However, thanks to the region's long-standing tradition and pioneering role in innovative mobility solutions, the challenges have almost never been an issue. It is not for nothing that we refer to our region as the cradle of mobility. The region is home to world-renowned research and development institutions, companies and highly ambitious local authorities, which is the basis for a functioning mobility culture.

The region today plays a leading role in the development of innovative and sustainable mobility solutions, such as the tram-train-system known worldwide as the Karlsruhe model, as well as its pioneering role in car sharing and its designation as the bicycle friendly city in Germany. In addition, the region is also very active in the internationally renowned research landscape and also puts such research projects into practice. One example is the regiomove project, which offers multimodal, region-wide mobility stations and a customized app that combines several modes of transport.

As a hub of international transport routes with important waterways, highways and railroads, the region is actively involved in transnational and cross-border administrative partnerships. The Main Line for Europe and the European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation (EGTC) Rhine-Alpine Corridor are just two examples of this.

Regiomove - multimodal from A to B

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Bicycle traffic in Karlsruhe

Cyclists welcome!

The city of Karlsruhe is one of the top ten cycling cities in Germany. Several regional cycle highways are planned.

Parnorama view of the Karlsruhe harbour
Foto: Kempf

Where Karlsruhe shakes hands with the Rhine

With a cargo throughput of 6.8 million tonnes in 2022, Karlsruhe harbour ranks fifth among German inland ports.

Member Partners

POLIS Membership of Karlsruhe Region is shared by three regional partners: (Find out more with a click on the logos)

Regional Planning Association Middle Upper Rhine, who manages the membership

City of Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe Transport authority

(Foto Paul Gärtner)